My name is Alice H. I am currently a fourth year undergraduate student in University of Waterloo, studying Computer Science. This site is dedicated to my work related items. Please view it as an online resume.


July 27th, 2010 - Putting up this site.

About Me/Qualifications

I'm a fourth year student at University of Waterloo. My major is Computer Science, and I was in the Co-op(Internship) Program.

I have learned Java and C/C++ during my school terms and is familiar with their syntax and usages. During my co-op terms, I worked mostly with ASP.NET(C#), MySql, Java and HTML/CSS. I also learned a little bit of Ruby on Rails. I enjoy creating and designing web-sites in free time. I'm proficient in HTML and CSS, with little background in PHP and Javascript. I also enjoy drawing in spare time. I am able to draw and design on multiple programs, such as Photoshop, Painter, Open Canvas, and SAI.

My planned graduation date is in May 2011, and I hope to find a full-time job by then. My interest lies in web design and development. I am also interested in learning about game design and development, user interfaces, and graphics.

Please contact me at: arilishia @ gmail.com for any inquires.